Preventive Interventions for International Travel: An Increasing Need in Family Medicine
Ronald D. Warner, PhD; David S. Edwards, MD; Franklyn Babb, MD; Jamie Haynes, MD; Felix Morales, MD; Kitten Linton, MD; Frederick R. Onger, MD; Ronald L. Cook, DO, MBA

The Department of Family Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center; Lubbock, Texas began offering preventive services for international travel in 1996.Local demand for such services has steadily increased, especially among families who need services for multi-generation members on the same itinerary. This paper discusses our clinic operation; the clients we serve and their destinations; and the specific services and counseling we provide. We feel many such needs could be met by more family medicine practitioners, as the volume of international travel continues to increase.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmp.v6n2a2