Does Vitamin D Supplementation have a Positive and Important Response in the Immune System on Covid-19 Pandemic? A Short Critical Analysis
Eliza Miranda Ramos, Francisco José Mendes dos Reis, Igor Domingos de Souza, Sandra Luzinete Félix de Freitas, Matheus Dullius de Lima, Antônio Carlos de Abreu, Hugo Vieira Ramos, Emerson Luiz Lima Araújo, Valter Aragão do Nascimento, Phd

In recent years, new viruses have emerged and caused pandemics in several countries, making it a global health problem through respiratory infection. This study aims to demonstrate through an analysis of evidence, that vitamin D supplementation in cases of hypovitaminosis D in risk groups induces an increase changes in the immune system due to worsening and, thus, the body becomes conducive to development viral diseases like COVID-19. Therefore, methodological techniques were used in meta-analysis and systematic reviews parallel to the FINER strategy in the selection of the included studies to be used in the construction of this critical analysis. In this study, 05 articles were selected for inclusion in this critical analysis. Vitamin D plays an immune protective role in the body, decreasing the risk of complications in COVID-19. The decrease in immune cells and cytokines can be used as a biomarker in the process of worsening COVID-19.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijmp.v8n1a5